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The Cannery New Orleans | Mid-City Wedding Venue Spotlight

The Cannery in Mid-City, New Orleans hosted one heck of a party for their 5-year anniversary. Check out a few of my favorite detail photos here then click the link to The Cannery to see the rest! 

 New Orleans Wedding Venue

Bee's Wedding and Event Design knocked it out of the park on the decor for the party. Great color palette, trendy seating areas, and killer floral/table combinations! 
I love The Cannery for their sleek, modern look, modular design, and giant bar. Also, it's pretty cool that they have a lighting system that can be customized to match and enhance any color palette. If you're looking for a wedding or reception venue outside of The French Quarter, with parking, and close proximity to the streetcar line, go tour The Cannery!

French Quarter Wedding Second line | A must do for your destination wedding

What a fun way to celebrate your wedding ceremony!

 new orleans wedding photographer

What a fun way to celebrate your wedding ceremony!
Have your very own parade through the streets of the French Quarter while people look on from their balconies and party right along with you.
They're kind of a 'must do' for any French Quarter wedding. It's a great way to travel from your ceremony location to your reception. - Or if your ceremony location IS your reception location and they need a few moments to reset the space, a second line around the block is the perfect way to spend that time!

Check out these tips for planning your French Quarter second line here.
Be sure to give Kinfolk Brass band a holler when selecting your band!

Wedding Invitations!

Introducing, our wedding invitations!

It was quite the process. From choosing the designs to choosing the wording, Ali hand lettering each envelope, to finally the 8 part assembly process. It’s both a bit exciting and unnerving to say it’s done.
I should also mention that I had very little to do with the decisions. My fiance, Ali killed it on this project!
We ordered our invitations through Jupiter and Juno. They do this really cool thing each month where they send out 3, 50% off codes for their Product of the Month. We were lucky enough to get 1 of those 3 codes when we ordered ours! If you don’t receive one of the codes, they also offer codes for 30% off as well. Huge budget helper!


Check out Jupiter and Juno by clicking here